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Canada's Safety Solution Centre.

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Who We Are

The Safety Warehouse 911 Inc carries everything you need to maintain a safe workplace. Based in Saskatchewan, we access products from our warehouses in Alberta, Quebec and Ontario to serve the nation’s safety needs. The Safety Warehouse has thousands of products, but one simple goal — to keep your crew as safe as possible. We make it easy to view and order products — check out our downloadable catalogues. We would be happy to provide you with a free quote at any time..

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464 Broadway Street East
Yorkton, Saskatchewan
S3N 2X3
Telephone Number: +1 306 782 7233
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Canada’s Safety Product Warehouse

As “Canada’s Safety Solutions Centre,” The Safety Warehouse carries an assortment of safety supplies, including:

Safety Storage
Emergency Response Equipment
Spill Control
Fire Resistant Suits
Personal Protection
Welding Supplies
Traffic Control
Maintenance & Material Handling
and much more!
From our strategic location in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, The Safety Warehouse provides safety, health, and environmental equipment and supplies to a variety of industries. We serve those in emergency services, construction, and industrial industries.

Because Your Safety Depends on Quality Products

The Safety Warehouse has selected manufacturers and distributors that provide quality, reliable products. Our staff would be happy to assist you in locating the right gear and training program, based on your personal or professional needs. We currently feature Honeywell Safety Products, ESP Absorbents, and uniforms from Workrite®..

Saskatchewan Safety Training & Program

For our safety training programs in Yorkton, we have partnered with Kames Safety Associates, a respected name in the industry. Through this relationship, we can help develop safe, healthy work environments, while also promoting safe practices among management and employees..

Do You Know Your FR?

Learn about fire resistant garments from Workrite® and Westex® on the Know Your FR website.

Our Safety Suppliers

We Make Safety Happen

Every day, The Safety Warehouse 911 Inc helps keep thousands of Canadian workers safe with enhanced garments, gear, and supplies to help them meet the most demanding challenges. In addition to Honeywell, Workrite®, and ESP, this page serves to highlight the many manufacturers we work with to make safety happen.

Honeywell Safety Product

oneywell employs over 22,000 engineers and scientists to design products for a broad spectrum of uses. We supply Honeywell-made belts, fall protection kits, confined space gear, and full body harnesses.Visit the Honeywell Safety Products website for additional information.


From fire resistant garments to arc flash protection clothing, Workrite® helps keep you safe in the most demanding situations. The Safety Warehouse 911 Inc carries an assortment of Workrite® wear. Visit the Workrite® website for additional information.

ESP Absorbent Products

Accidents happen. Fortunately, products from ESP can help make it right. With spill kits, wick sorbents, booms, and sweeps, ESP products help you maintain a safe, productive work environment. Visit the ESP website for additional information or download the ESP Spill Control guide (PDF)

Power Hawk Technologies

Along with their work in advanced rescue technologies, Power Hawk® is the manufacturer of Auto Crib-It™ automatic stabilization tools for cribbing vehicles and fallen structures. See it in action by watching the Auto Crib-It™ YouTube video.


Not only do Westex® fabrics deliver guaranteed flame resistance, they also bring superior softness, and unmatched technologies. See “The Westex® Difference” (YouTube link) or visit the Westex® website for additional information.

Bob Dale Gloves (BDG)®

Get a grip on workplace safety with specialty gloves and clothing for welders and utility workers. Learn more about these performance work gloves by visiting the Bob Dale Gloves® website or by downloading the BDG® catalogue (PDF).


Lakeland produces lines of clothing to keep workers safe from flame and chemicals. Their high-visibility reflective garments are also popular for road crews. Visit the Lakeland Canada website or download sales sheets for B2 Battalion Turnout Gear (PDF) and Stealth Turnout Gear (PDF) to learn more about their diverse product selection..

New Product Showcase

New to The Safety Warehouse are products from Pyramex™ and Nightstick®. Nightstick®.specializes in above-the-shoulder protection with eyewear, hearing, and head gear products. Nightstick® offers a wide variety of flashlights.

Our Catalogue

One Stop Shop

The Safety Warehouse 911 Inc helps EMTs, police, construction workers, farmers, and every occupation where safety is a concern. We are able to quickly dispatch products from our local Yorkton warehouse, as well as those in Ontario, Alberta, and Quebec.

As the one-stop shop for all your emergency needs, The Safety Warehouse offers a broad selection of safety and emergency products. Click a link below to download a specific section of our catalogue.

Safety Storage (p. 2 - 18)
Emergency Response (p. 19 - 106)
Personal Protection (p. 107 - 256)
Welding (p. 257 - 272)
Traffic Control (p. 273 - 299)
Security (p. 300 - 323)
Identification (p. 324 - 343)
Instruments (p. 344 - 351)
Matting (p. 352 - 368)
Maintenance Material Handling (p. 369 - 395)
Eye Protection (p. 108 - 123)
Respiratory Protection (p. 124 - 145)
Ear Protection (p. 146 - 155)
Face and Head Protection (p. 156 - 165)
Clothing (p. 166 - 181)
Non-Sparking, Non-Magnetic Tools (p. 182 & 183)
Heat Stress Prevention (p.184 - 186)
Ergonomics (p. 187 - 189)
Gloves (p.190 - 223)
Foot Protection (p. 225 & 226)
Fall Protection (p. 227 - 256)

Print editions of our catalogue are available by request (aussi disponible en Français).

Cleaning Suppliers

Since a clean workplace is a safe workplace, The Safety Warehouse carries a complete selection of cleaning supplies.